Bray-Poxy (White)



SKU: 1309

Product Description


  • 2-Part moldable epoxy
  • Intended for post-firing repairs
  • Workable like clay
  • White color 
  • Takes colorants well

Bray-Poxy is a 2-part moldable epoxy intended for post-firing repairs. Working like clay, it’s easy to shape, texture, fill gaps, and re-create missing parts.

Available as a 14 oz. package containing approx. 7oz. of part A and approx. 7 oz. part B**.

** The size (length, width, depth) of each part (A and B) can vary. Each part (A and B) is weighed to ensure that customers receive at least 7 oz. of A and 7 oz. of B. We don’t sell parts that weigh less than 7 oz. Conversely, sometimes we get parts that weigh more than 7 oz. We do sell these parts as part of the package because it’s extra at no cost to you.

 Also available in Natural tan color. A 9-color Color Kit is available for Bray-Poxy.

For greenware or bisqueware repairs try Bray Patch.

Click here for Bray-Poxy instructions.

Click here for Bray-Poxy Color-Kit instructions.