Bray-Poxy (White)



SKU: RZN-1309

Product Description


  • 2-Part moldable epoxy
  • Intended for post-firing repairs
  • Workable like clay
  • White color 
  • Takes colorants well

Bray-Poxy is a 2-part moldable epoxy intended for post-firing repairs. Working like clay, it’s easy to shape, texture, fill gaps, and re-create missing parts.

Available as a 14 oz. package containing approx. 7oz. of part A and approx. 7 oz. part B**.

** The size (length, width, depth) of each part (A and B) can vary. Each part (A and B) is weighed to ensure that customers receive at least 7 oz. of A and 7 oz. of B. We don’t sell parts that weigh less than 7 oz. Conversely, sometimes we get parts that weigh more than 7 oz. We do sell these parts as part of the package because it’s extra at no cost to you.



Bray-Poxy Instructions for Use


1. Mix only as much as you need at one time.


2. Cut off equal lengths of part A and B (mixing ratio is 1:1). Cover remaining portion tightly in plastic. For long term storage, double bag and put into tight plastic container.


3. Mix thoroughly until color becomes uniform. The easiest way to do this is to place both pieces (A+B) together, then roll and fold the material in your hands vigorously. Repeat the folding and rolling procedure until the material is a uniform color with no “candy stripe” effect. Mix at least three minutes for a walnut-sized piece. At least 15 minutes for a whole pound. The longer you roll the epoxy in your hand, the warmer and softer it will become, making it more “adhesive.” If you have a sensitivity to epoxy, wear latex or rubber gloves.


4. Make sure that the area of repair is free of dust, grease, oil, etc.


5. The warmer the temperature, the faster the epoxy will cure. Cure time is about one hour at 75° F. Maximum hardened strength will be achieved after 12 hours. To shorten setting time, try heating GENTLY with a hot air gun. If you experience difficulties with the epoxy setting, it wasn’t mixed long enough or vigorously enough, or you are working it in too cool of an environment.


6. After mixing and applying, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.


7. We do not recommend using epoxy in applications where it will come in contact with food.


Hints for Repairing Fired Ceramics: Bray-Poxy is an excellent material for repairing fired ceramics. You can fill voids, match missing parts, and even rebuild whole sections lost in firing or from breakage.


Some Possibilities: Until the epoxy hardens, it is water soluble making it easy to color. Our Color Kit offers a simple way to color the epoxy—giving it a strong, uniform, and permanent coloration. The surface can also be painted as it sets up. Clear nail polish can help match a high gloss surface or try a spray fixative.


To match unglazed surfaces, first color the epoxy with our powdered pigments to match the clay color and then impress pulverized fired clay onto the surface of the epoxy. This putty will retain its shape and texture making camouflaging easy. It can be smoothed by moistening your finger or wetting the surface slightly.


When you need quick adhesion, try using five-minute epoxy from the hardware store. Once it has set, use Bray-Poxy for filling and modeling.


Mixed epoxy working time can be halted for a day by placing it in the freezer.


We urge you to experiment and see what works for your own particular application.


 Also available in Natural tan color. A 9-color Color Kit is available for Bray-Poxy.

For greenware or bisqueware repairs try Bray Patch.

Click here for Bray-Poxy instructions.

Click here for Bray-Poxy Color-Kit instructions.