Low-fire Clays

In late 2018, the Archie Bray Clay Business began offering a wider selection of wet clays from Plainsman Clay in Alberta, Canada. Plainsman clays come in 44lb. boxes, each box containing two 22lb. bags of pugged clay.
We are excited to announce Plainsman’s L-212 has replaced Eric’s. L-212 offers excellent work ability and a terrific color response to a wide variety of low fire glazes. We are in the process of testing other Plainsman’s clays in house and will keep you posted as we make this exciting transition in our selection of clays. If you have any questions, please call us at 406-442-2521.

Most of our clay bodies are still mixed and manufactured right here at the Archie Bray Clay Business by our clay manufacturing crew. We offer a wide variety of pugged clay for all temperatures and uses.  Archie Bray clay comes in 50lb. boxes, each box containing two 25lb. blocks of wet clay. All of our clays are thoroughly mixed and de-aired for optimal working consistency. Although our clays are ready out of the box, we still recommend wedging it by hand to align clay particles. This will help prevent later cracking during the drying and firing of your work.

You can order our clay for pickup or delivery by calling 1-406-442-2521. 

Low-fire Clays

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