Bray Patch



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Product Description


  • Ceramic patching material
  • Fills cracks and bonds breaks
  • Fires white
  • Applicable to green or bisque ware

Bray Patch is a ceramic patching material that is best used for filling cracks and bonding breaks.

Although its bonding strength has limits, Bray Patch can be used for attaching appendages. If possible, use gravity to your advantage for increased bonding strength. To attach broken pieces using Bray Patch, simply brush it onto the joint. You may find that Bray Patch dries too quickly to work with. If so, you can lightly wet the surfaces you are joining before putting on Bray Patch.

We recommend using Bray Patch straight from the bottle. If needed, it can be thinned with water. Since it fires white, we recommend covering with an opaque glaze or a slip if using a transparent glaze. You can also mix your clay body with Bray Patch to make the white color less noticeable.

Bray Patch can be applied to either green or bisque ware and fired to any temperature up to cone 10. It hardens on contact with air and it cannot be reconstituted. For optimal life, do not leave the lid off longer than needed, clean the lid and bottle lip thoroughly for a good seal, and store the bottle upside down.


Freezing will also set Bray Patch, after which it cannot be reconstituted. We try not to ship Bray Patch when we have freezing temperatures, but we cannot account for weather elsewhere on its journey. If you purchase Bray Patch in the winter months, you assume the risk of it freezing in shipment.


For post-firing remedies consider Bray-Poxy White or Bray-Poxy Natural.