Skutt Terminal Brick 2.5″ (Out of Stock)



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Product Description


Skutt chooses brick that is uniform in cell structure to ensure even insulation throughout the kiln. Skutt Kilns have up to five kinds of bricks: kiln sitterpeepholestraightthermocouple and terminal. 

Skutt Terminal Bricks have a special angled grove to make the transition from the bottom wrap to the top wrap. Terminal bricks also have holes that allow the element pigtails to pass through.

When should you replace a brick? If the damage to the brick is above the element channel it is not normally necessary to replace it unless the damage is severe. If the damage is below the element channel it is advisable to replace the brick before the element is damaged. Click here to learn, according to Skutt, how to replace a brick.

Skutt Terminal brick is also available for a 3″ wall.

For more information or to place an order for bricks, email or call 406-442-2521 or 800-443-6434.