Skutt KM Thermocouple (1515) (Out of Stock)



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Product Description


Skutt KM Thermocouple is an 8-guage, type K thermocouple and is the standard thermocouple for all Skutt KM kiln models. If this is your first replacement, check the materials that you received with your new Skutt kiln. Skutt provides one replacement thermocouple with each new kiln.

A thermocouple is a component of the kiln used to read the temperature within the kiln chamber. The controller uses the information it receives from the thermocouple and makes decisions on whether or not to turn the element on or off. Your oven at home most likely has a thermocouple that performs the very same function.

The thermocouple is constructed of 2 pieces of dissimilar metal (usually wire) that are joined together at one end. When heated this junction creates a very small electrical signal (measured in millivolts) that changes as the temperature is raised or lowered. 

Type K thermocouples are preferred for their responsiveness. However, one drawback is that they oxidize over time and as a result begin to flake. If you find your thermocouple is dropping small black particles onto your kiln shelf, use a soft bristle brush to knock off any flakes, vacuum the particulate then load and fire your kiln as normal. This will help to protect all of your hard work from being collateral damage!

Includes one thermocouple (without block).


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