Skutt KM Relay, For Older Models (Clear Case) (Out of Stock)



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Skutt KM Relay is 20 Amp and designed for older Skutt KM kiln models. In May 2004 Skutt changed our relay supplier from Deltrol (clear case) to Potter Brumfield relays (Solid black) on most KilnMaster (KM) and GlassMaster (GM) Models. They suggest using the type of relay that originally came with your kiln. Check your existing relay to determine which one you need.

You can open the controlbox on your kiln to see if it contains relays with a black or a clear case. Or, coincidentally, you can tell which relay you need by counting the number of openings in the top vent of the red control box on your kiln. 6 openings for the black case (Potter Brumfield) or 5 openings for the clear case (Deltrol).

A relay is the component located in the control box of the kiln that physically switches the power on and off when instructed by the controller on your automatic kiln. When the controller wants the power on, it closes the relay contacts. When it wants the relays off, it opens the contacts. If you’ve ever noticed the clicking noise that a kiln makes when it’s on, that is the sound of a relay closing its contacts to send power to the kiln. Each section of your kiln is controlled by a separate relay. There are 3 sets of wires that are attached to each relay and together they make up the Relay Harness Wire Set.

Each relay controls an individual section so if you have a 3 section kiln you will need 3 relays, and if you have a 2 section kiln you will need 2 relays. Some exceptions are the one section kilns KM614 and KM714 as they use 2 relays instead of 1 and the two section kiln KM1218 uses 3 relays instead of 2.

For newer Skutt KM kiln models, try Skutt KM Relay, For Newer Models (Black Case).

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