Skutt Kiln KM 1218-3 (Out of Stock)

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Product Description

*Check your electrical supply before ordering and confirm the following electrical supply details: 1-phase or 3-phase, 208V or 240V and amperage. 

Before choosing a kiln we recommend reading through How to Choose a Kiln.


  • Easy to Load
  • Easy-to-use computerized controller
  • Lid Lifter: “so light you can lift the lid with a finger”
  • Built-in bisque and glaze firing programs
  • 3” wall
  • Interior: 6.6 cubic feet
  • Max Temp: cone 10
  • Fits 42 tea bowls

Skutt designers have spent years perfecting an easy-to-use automatic kiln that meets the highest standard of quality and durability. Although we stock only the most common models among ceramic artists, we are a distributor for the entire Skutt line (including glass kilns). To order this kiln or any other Skutt kiln, accessory or part email or call 406-442-2521 or 800-443-6434 to place an order.

Key features of Skutt kilns are the sectional design, lid lifter, computerized controller and tech support offered by distributors like us!

It is said that the sectional design of Skutt kilns brought ceramics into home studios by allowing any owner to quickly and easily disassemble the kiln for moving and maintenance. Its light weight sections allow it to fit through narrow doorways and down a flight of stairs. See the images for the breakdown of Skutt kilns.

Work smarter and not harder, or so they say. The new Skutt Lid Lifter makes Skutt kiln lids some of the lightest on the market. In fact, you can lift it with just a finger. You no longer need to be a body builder to load a kiln. Check out our light-weight Corelite shelves to help reduce back strain in loading/unloading kilns.

The computerized controller makes firing a kiln easier than ever before. If you know how hot you want to fire and about how fast then the kiln will do the rest for you! For more complex firings the computerized controller makes it easy for you to enter in your own programs and store them for future use.

Owning and operating your own kiln is a big deal which is why we are here for you every step of the way. We, at the Archie Bray Clay Business can help you with any questions you might have along the way.Which kiln should I to buy? How do I fire an electric kiln? My kiln is displaying an error message…HELP? We are ceramic artists using Skutt kilns. Not only have we heard these questions before, we’ve been the ones asking them! Whether to help optimize your results or troubleshoot mid-firing, email or call 406-442-2521 or 800-443-6434.

Skutt kilns come fully assembled. The following items are packed with the kiln: kiln stand and feet, instructional video, operating manual, extra thermocouple, warranty card, peep plugs (one for each peephole).


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Skutt 1218-3 Phase 1, 240V, 48A $4,207.50

Skutt 1218-3 Phase 1, 208V, 48A

Skutt 1218-3 Phase 3, 240V, 29.3A $4,290
 Skutt 1218-3 Phase 3, 208V, 29.5A $4,290


If the Skutt 1218-3 interests you, check out models 1222-3, 1227-3 and 1227-3 PK before placing your order.


Click to download the operating manual for all Skutt KM Kilns.