Skutt EnviroVent 2



SKU: 1949

Product Description


The EnviroVent 2 is what is known as a Downdraft Vent. Downdraft vents actively remove fumes from your kiln before they can enter the room and vent them outside.

It works by using a wall mounted fan which draws air through holes drilled in the floor of the kiln. The amount of air drawn is determined by the number and size of the holes drilled. Holes are also drilled in the lid in a specific pattern designed to direct the air in a way that does not affect your ware.

In the case of after-market installation, customers can easily drill the necessary venting holes. When buying a new kiln, consider if you will need an EnviroVent 2. You cab request that your kiln comes with venting holes predrilled.

Included are the following: an integral blower unit in-line switch, 18″ (46 cm) stainless steel exit duct, and installation and operating instructions. 4″ (10 cm) rigid or flexible drier ducting (available at hardware stores) is recommended to vent to outdoors. Air-cooled motor is UL and CSA listed, 115V, 1.1A household current. Will not overheat or shut off from heat of firings. Limited two year warranty.


Click to download the operating manual for Skutt EnviroVent 2.