Skutt Element 818-3 (Center)



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Product Description

An element is the curly wire that is embedded in the interior brick wall of a kiln and is the heat source of your kiln. Over time elements become less efficient and eventually will not be able to heat your kiln to temperature. Before replacing elements, here are a few things that customers should know.

Different areas of the kiln naturally fire hotter than others which is why Skutt designed two kinds of elements: Top/Bottom and Center. For example, the top and bottom of a kiln lose heat faster than the center. The Top/Bottom element works interchangeable for the top and bottom and is more powerful than the center element to compensate for the extra heat loss.

Also, each ring of a Skutt kiln contains 2 elements. For example, if your kiln is made of three rings, then it contains 6 elements: two Top/Bottom elements and four center elements.

We recommend replacing all elements at once. The kiln will fire more evenly and efficiently. Often, once one element burns out a second is soon to follow.

When ordering elements you will need to know your kiln model number, brick thickness (2.5″ or 3″), volts and amps.

Each Skutt element package includes instructions, crimps/connectors and a pre-stretched element.


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