Skutt 240v Infinite Switch w/o Knob (Out of Stock)



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Product Description

Kiln switches have a very important function: they turn your kiln on and off! Switches are found on manual kilns – those without digital controllers – and over time, you will find that these switches do need occasional replacing. When you are replacing your kiln switch, it is important that you choose the proper switch. Infinite switches, or “stepless” switches, are those switches with variable power output, meaning that you can turn and adjust them in one smooth setting. These differ from “position” switches, which lock into specific positions, such as a 3-position switch with low, medium, and high settings. Some people prefer the infinite switches because they allow you to make very slight adjustments to your kiln’s elements; some people prefer the position switches, because following recorded directions to faithfully repeat a firing is easy to do with direct and specific switch positions.