Paragon Peephole Plug (Out of Stock)



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Product Description


All kilns have peepholes. Peepholes can be opened during a firing for venting and watching witness cones. With effecient venting systems like the EnviroVent 2, the peepholes are typically reserved for venting thick or damp work or for firings with increased off-gassing. It is commonplace to leave the top peephole open to assist in venting, especially if you do not have a venting system installed.

The Paragon Peephole Plug is designed to endure. The cone-shaped ceramic peephole plug is made of thick, hard ceramic so as to withstand the wear and tear of studio living. Although designed for Paragon Kilns, the tapered design makes this peep interchangeable with most kiln models.

Includes one Paragon Peephole Plug.

Skutt Peephole Plugs are also available.