Opulence #975 Retro Red Dry

$15.00 - $50.00


SKU: 3048

Product Description

Choose from 5 lbs. of dry powder or 1 pint of pre-mixed glaze.

Based on the unique glaze system, you can blend color glaze to color glaze or add stains to the clear or whites and create your own distinct look. The possibilities are virtually limitless.  Opulence Glazes are completely barium and lead-free, and when fired properly have an extremely hard surface, making them an excellent choice for dinnerware.  Although these glazes were designed specifically for C/6 electric firing, we have had excellent results in C/10 gas reduction and C/10 wood firing.  Opulence Glazes are extremely easy to mix, add the recommended amount of water, screen with a 80 mesh sieve and you are ready to glaze.