Mudwire Cut-off Tool




Product Description


  • Handle made from durable polymer
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • High-grade surgical stainless steel braided cable
  • Kink-resistant
  • Indespensible for serious potters
  • 15 inches long

The green Mudwire Cut-off Tool is ergonomically designed to be easy on your hands.

The handle is made with a durable polymer and is shaped to give you a good grip without having to wrap the wire around your fingers. The high grade stainless steel braided cable is more resistant to kinking than traditional cut-off wires. This cut-off wire is suited for a standard 13 inch wheel-head and makes a clean cut evey time.

15 inches in length.

For heavy duty use, try the straight black Mudwire Heavy Duty Cut-off Tool. Or, to add a decorative touch, try the pink Mudwire Curly Cut-off Tool.

Images provided by Mudtools.