Mudtools Stainless XL Scraper Rib




Product Description


  • Long and lean
  • Larger version of the Long Scraper
  • Offers a curved and flat edge
  • Good for platters and larger work
  • Essential for good compression to avoid S-cracks
  • Made of flexible stainless steel

When making plates and platters, Mudtools XL Scraper Rib is essential to avoid the formation of S-cracks by compressing from the lip toward the center. Big ribs like the XL Scraper allow you to work more aggressively on large-scale clay work. Made from high quality flexible stainless steel.

The XL Scraper Rib is available in two edge styles: smooth and coarse (10 teeth per inch)

For additional long ribs, try Long Scraper, Small Platter Rib and Large Platter Rib.

Other shapes and sizes available in the stainless steel are #0 small kidney#1 medium kidney#2 spatula#4 flattened kidney#5 large kidney#7 wedgepaisley and HAX mini saw.

Product image provided by Mudtools.