Mudtools Stainless Steel Rib #5




Product Description


  • Smallest of Mudtools Polymer Ribs
  • Traditional kidney-shaped rib
  • Can get into tight spaces
  • Good for detail work
  • Made of flexible cutlery grade stainless steel

Mudtools Rib #5 is the universally recognized traditional kidney-shaped pottery rib. Whether you are throwing clay on the wheel, hand-building or sculpting, the pottery rib is a classic and essential tool.

Shape #5 is the largest of the Mudtool kidney-shaped ribs, which come in three sizes: #0 being the smallest#1 the middle and #5 being the largest. As a bigger version they offer more surface coverage, making them great for smoothing a slab of clay.

All stainless steel pottery and sculpture ribs are all made of cutlery grade stainless steel with varying flexibility among the tool styles.

Other shapes and sizes available in the stainless steel are #0 small kidney#1 medium kidney#2 spatula#4 flattened kidney#7 wedge, paisley, long scrapper and HAX mini saw.

Other available material options are as follows: red (very soft), yellow (soft)green (medium), and blue (firm).

Image provided by Mudtools.