Mudtools Stainless Paisley Rib (Smooth)




Product Description


  • Recommended for sculpting, shaping, and refining leather-hard clay
  • Works in and around joints
  • Cutlery grade stainless steel

Mudtools Paisley Rib proves to be excellent in sculpting, shaping and refining leather-hard clay. The tight inside radius is good for working in and around joints. Refer to images for examples.

Made with cutlery grade stainless steel.

This rib is also available with textured edges: Fine (18 teeth per inch) and Extra Fine (24 teeth per inch)

Other shapes and sizes available in the stainless steel are #0 small kidney, #1 medium kidney#2 spatula#4 flattened kidney#5 large kidney#7 wedgepaisleylong scrapper and HAX mini saw.

Product image provided by Mudtools.