Mudtools Stainless HAX




Product Description


  • Excellent for hand-builders
  • Long and lean
  • Serrated edge
  • Offers a curved and flat edge
  • Good for scoring joints, refining forms and applying texture
  • Made of flexible stainless steel
  • Comes in packages of two (2)

Mudtools Stainless HAX mini saw is an exceptionally good tool for the hand-builder. At almost 6″ long it covers a lot of surface area while, with its two points, can still get into tight spots.

The micro-fine teeth are critical in scoring and blending leather-hard and wet clay for joints. The HAX is considered indespensible when refining final surfaces by subtly removing unwanted leather-hard clay.

An added benefit is that the Hax mini saw is bendable so you can customize the shape to suit your sculpting needs. 

Other shapes and sizes available in the stainless steel are #0 small kidney#1 medium kidney#2 spatula#4 flattened kidney#5 large kidney#7 wedgepaisley, and long scraper.

Product image provided by Mudtools.