Mudtools Shredder Conical Rasp (Out of Stock)




Product Description


  • Shapes and carves leather hard clay
  • Conical shape
  • Allows long strokes along clay
  • Designed to avoid clogging blades
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Use as a texture tool

Mudtools Shredder Conical Rasp is indispensable for longer strokes while shaping and carving leather hard clay, especially for texturing and working on large rounded surfaces. The conical shape is great for refining inside a form or the inside angles of handles or feet. The Clay Shredder can also be used to leave textures on any clay surface. Refer to images for examples.

Although originally this rasp was designed to be used on wood, clay people, sculptors and auto-body repairmen discovered how well the blade worked on other materials (like clay and auto body filler). The problem with rasps found at a hardware store was the handle design. The handle would trap clay and get clogged up. The Clay Shredder was designed with an open blade shape to avoid clogs as well as a comfortable ergonomic handle. 

Other available rasp shapes are small and flat.

Product image provided by Mudtools.