Mudtools Long Scraper Rib (smooth)




Product Description


  • Long and lean
  • Offers a curved and flat edge
  • Good for platters and larger work
  • Essential for good compression to avoid S-cracks
  • Made of flexible stainless steel

When making plates and platters, Mudtools Long Scraper Rib is essential to avoid the formation of S-cracks by compressing from the lip toward the center. Made from high quality flexible stainless steel.

The Long Scraper Rib is available in four different edge styles: smooth, regular (12 teeth per inch), fine (18 teeth per inch) and extra-fine (24 teeth per inch)

For additional long ribs, try XL Scraper, Small Platter Rib and Large Platter Rib.

Other shapes and sizes available in the stainless steel are #0 small kidney#1 medium kidney#2 spatula#4 flattened kidney#5 large kidney#7 wedgepaisley, and HAX mini saw.

Product image provided by Mudtools.