M-390 Red Stoneware




Product Description


  • Smooth cone 6 red stoneware
  • Throwing and hand-building clay
  • Oxidation only and no higher than cone 6
  • At cone 6 (oxidation): 10% shrinkage, <2% absorption
  • Vacuum pugged wet clay

Plainsman Clays’ M-390 Red Stoneware is a smooth cone 6 red stoneware that is particularly well-suited for throwing. Due to its high iron content, we recommend firing M390 Red Stoneware in oxidation and no higher than cone 6. When fired in oxidation to cone 6 it has a shrinkage of 10% and absorption of <2%.

Consider M-390 Red Stoneware if you like A-Clay White StonewareABF Oxidation Stoneware or ABF Red Earthenware.

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   1-9 box(es)    $27.10
   10-19 boxes    $24.90
   20-39 boxes    $23.10
   40+ boxes    $21.65