M-340 S




Product Description

February 2023 -REVISED- Previous versions of M340S had a tendency to bloat when fired to cone 6 or when fired in slow firings at cone 5. This newly revised version has been reformulated to widen it’s temperature range and mature at cone 7.


The clay in dry and pugged form are darker in raw color (prior to firing) than the current M340S version. On the wheel, this new body is smoother and more plastic (because it throws better you will be able to make ware thinner and lighter). The dry shrinkage is a little higher but the firing shrinkage is less so the size of your fired ware should not change. All in all, this new body is much better, there should be no concerns with glazes, fired ware should appear the same as before.


Plainsman moist clays are water-based and packaged in a 20 kg (44 lb) box. Each box contains two individually bagged 10 kilogram pugged blocks. Plainsman Clays are ready to use out of the box, no preparation is required. 



Price per box when you buy:


 1-9 boxes       


 10-19 boxes    $27.06
 20-39 boxes    $25.56
 40+ boxes