Lindsey’s Grolleg Porcelain




Product Description


  • Smooth cone 6 grolleg porcelain
  • Translucent and white
  • Workable throwing body
  • At cone 6 (oxidation): 12% shrinkage, <1% absorption
  • Vacuum pugged wet clay

Lindsey’s Grolleg Porcelain is a smooth cone 6 translucent white grolleg porcelain that is good for both hand-building and throwing. Its workability makes it good for beginners as well as advanced ceramic artists. Lindsey’s Porcelain is fully vitrified at cone 6 which means it can be fired as low as cone 4 and still achieve beautiful white results. When fired in oxidation to cone 6 it has a shrinkage of 12% and absorption of <1%.

Consider Lindsey’s Grolleg Porcelain if you like Cone 6 PorcelainA-Clay White Stoneware or Grolleg Porcelain.

All of ABF clay bodies are manufactured at the Clay Business. We pug and de-air our clays to offer our customers the highest quality clay that is ready immediatey upon opening. Each box contains 50 lbs. of prepared clay which, for easier handling, is split into two cubes.

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   1-9 box(es)    $50.40
   10-19 boxes    $48.30
   20-39 boxes    $46.75
   40+ boxes    $44.65