Product Description

Low temperature, smooth, highly plastic, red-burning, terra cotta body. L215 is made from Plainsman M2, a natural and very clean red burning clay that we mine in Montana.


L215 is very plastic, it feels very smooth and you will be able to make thinner and lighter ware than ever before. It will dry very hard. Drying is now slower (giving students more time to work on their projects). Of course, the greater plasticity is accompanied by a drying shrinkage increase, so care is needed to avoid cracking (assure pieces dry evenly throughout the process).


Plainsman moist clays are water-based and packaged in a 20 kg (44 lb) box. Each box contains two individually bagged 10 kilogram pugged blocks. Plainsman Clays are ready to use out of the box, no preparation is required. 




  1-9 box(es)    $35.11
   10-19 boxes    $31.60
   20-39 boxes    $29.85
   40+ boxes    $28.09