Kiln Sitter Tube Assembly (Out of Stock)



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Product Description


Some kiln parts are interchangeable from model to model. Kiln Sitter Tube Assembly, however, can vary depending on the brand of kiln and kiln model. 

How do you know which tube assembly to order? There are two types of Kiln Sitter Tube Assemblies: P and K. You will know which type you need by knowing your kiln model. Each type of assembly is then offered in several lengths. Measure the length of your existing assembly to determine the which assembly that you need. See images to see how to properly measure your existing tube assembly. For more information or to place an order for parts, email or call 406-442-2521.

Package includes complete Kiln Sitter Tube Assembly, including the cone supports and the firing gauge.

For more information about Skutt Kiln Sitter operation, watch the video below.

Click to download the instructions for replacing type K and type P tube assemblies.


Video provided by Skutt.