Mudtools Green Rib #3 (Medium)




Product Description


  • Elongated kidney with one flatten edge
  • Designed to offer two different corner points
  • Good for platters and larger work
  • Made of medium flexible polymer

Mudtools Rib #3 is larger at 5 inches long to give a good sweep across the clay. These are good ribs if you throw larger objects.

All Mudtools polymer pottery ribs are made of a unique flexible material that will not develop burrs or cracks under normal use. Each polymer shape is available in a variety of hardnesses: red (very soft), yellow (soft), green (medium) and blue (firm). 

Other shapes and sizes available in the green (medium) are #0 small kidney#1 medium kidney#2 spatula#4 flattened kidney#5 large kidney and small bowl.

Other available material options are as follows: red (very soft)yellow (soft) and blue (firm).

Image provided by Mudtools.