CoreLite 12×24″ 1″ Thick



SKU: 3320

Product Description


  • Lighter and flatter than standard shelves
  • Rated up to cone 10
  • Sag and crack resistant
  • Recommended for electric firing
  • Smaller shelves cut from the 12×24″ shelves are available by request for a nominal fee. Please call for details.
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CoreLite kiln shelves, which have a honey-comb, hollow-core center, are lighter and flatter than standard shelves. Customers often choose CoreLite shelves to help reduce back strain from loading/unloading kilns.

We all know that replacing kilns shelves is expensive. CoreLites are designed to last longer. Due to their I-beam structure and higher mullite composition, CoreLites are less likely to sag and crack than standard shelves.

Simply using CoreLites will lower your firing costs. The hollow-core structure reduces total mass. Because of its lower mass, heating a CoreLite shelf requires less energy than heating a solid shelf and less energy means it will cost less to fire the kiln. 

This rectangular kiln shelf measures 12×24″ and 1″ thick. We do not recommended it for raku, salt, soda or wood firings and find it performs well in electric firings.

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