Throwing bats are the primary tool of the throwing wheel potter. The right bat can make all the difference. Our diverse range of throwing bat materials ensure you have the right bat for your needs.

Plastic bats are textured on both sides so clay adheres equally well on either surface: a true “two-sided” bat. They are cut from a high-quality marine grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is produced using a patented extrusion process. This ensures perfect flatness of every sheet and every bat!

Medex bats are an excellent choice for all kinds of studio environments. Our Medex bats have a great clay adhesion and bottom drying. Their increased rigidity keeps pot rims true when lifting them off the wheel head.

Unlike Hardboard’s Masonite predecessor, the tempered hardboard has no added formaldehyde. StudioProTempered Hardboard Bats are slightly absorbent for good clay adhesion and bottom drying. They are compact and easy to store and will last many years if cared for properly. Hardboard bats are a great choice for the professional or hobbyist potter who uses many bats and has a controlled studio setting.

The SpaceSaver is a convenient system for making smaller pots and maximizing table space in your studio. The entire system is fully compatible with the now unavailable Wonderbat. It consists of a 14″ adapter bat and 8- 6″ insert bats. Both are made from a 1/2″ exterior grade MDF which provides excellent bottom drying and rigidity. The adapter bat mounts on standard wheel-head pins with rubber “through hole” grommets making a true two-sided bat.

  • Made from 1/2″ exterior grade MDF
  • “finger lifts” and rounded edges for easier removal, smoothness and longer wear
  • Excellent bottom drying
  • Rubber grommets spaced 10″ on center for standard wheel pins
  • Through-hole grommets make the SpaceSaver a true two sided bat





18″ Black Plastic Bat



9″ Square Plastic Bat



SpaceSaver Bat w/ Insert



9″ Square Hardboard Bat



StudioPro SpaceSaver Bat Adapter



StudioPro SpaceSaver Bat 6″ Insert



Medex Bat 12″ 1/4″ Thick



StudioPro Black Plastic Bat 12″




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