Coyote Crawl Glazes


Coyote Glazes are available pre-mixed with water in pint containers or as dry glaze in 1, 5, 10, or 25 lbs. bags.  Dry glazes contain the same ingredients as the wet glazes (minus the water) and can be used to brush, pour, dip, or spray.


Quick Facts

 5 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately half a gallon of water (every glaze is different) and will yield about three quarts of glaze.

10 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately one gallon of water and will yield about a gallon and a half of glaze.

25 Lbs. of dry glaze needs approximately two and a half gallons of water and will yield between three and four gallons of glaze.

When mixed with water, Coyote dry glazes are suitable for brushing, pouring or dipping, and do not require the addition of any suspension or brushing ingredients; if they need it, it’s already in there.


Quick Mixing Instructions

 Wear an appropriate respirator and gloves, and use adequate ventilation when mixing.
Measure the amount of water recommended on the label (or just a bit less) into a clean bucket.
Slowly add the dry glaze while stirring continuously. Scrape the sides and bottom of the bucket and mix thoroughly.
Screen through a 60 mesh sieve.
Dip and fire a test piece; if too thick, add a small amount of water and retest.


Perfect for artists looking for something unusual, Coyote’s Crawl series glazes have a tree-bark surface that’s rough and dry to the touch.  To achieve the crawling effect, they must be applied very thick, until the dry surface of the glaze cracks before firing.  They can also be used over underglazes.

Coyote Crawl Glazes

MBG065-D Croc Crawl Dry



MBG065-P Croc Crawl Pint



MBG064-D Chocolate Crawl Dry



MBG063-D Cactus Crawl Dry



MBG073-D White Crawl Dry



MBG062-D Blue Crawl Dry



MBG073-P White Crawl Pint



MBG062-P Blue Crawl Pint



MBG110-D Black Crawl Dry



MBG110-P Black Crawl Pint



MBG064-P Chocolate Crawl Pint



MBG063-P Cactus Crawl Pint




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