Reed Wax (Out of Stock)

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Product Description

Reed Wax Resist comes as a cream colored liquid. It is water soluble and can, therefore, be thinned down for detail work or colored with food coloring for better visibility. Reed Wax is freezable, therefore can be shipped during the winter months.

Reed Wax Wax Resist Emulsions coat smoothly with no drag, are transparent, dry quickly to a non tacky finish and clean off with minimal effort.


Stir well before using.

We recommend the product be used as is; however, it may be diluted with water.

Minimum drying time is 30 minutes to two hours. Best results are achieved when allowed to dry overnight.

We recommend the product be stored at room temperature. The product is, however, freeze/thaw stable and can be shipped year round. If the emulsion arrives frozen, thaw at room temperatures and stir.

Please call our technical department if you have any questions.