M-340 Buff Stoneware



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Product Description


  • Fine-tooth cone 6 buff stoneware
  • Throwing and hand-building clay
  • At cone 6 (oxidation): 13% shrinkage, <2% absorption
  • Vacuum pugged wet clay

Plainsman Clays’ M-340 Buff Stoneware is a smooth cone 6 stoneware that fires buff at cone 6. Recommended for wheel throwing and hand-building. M340 is the prefered clay for taxidermy work. When fired in oxidation to cone 6 it has a shrinkage of 13% and absorption of <2%.

Consider M-340 Buff Stoneware if you like A-Clay White StonewareABF Oxidation Stoneware or John’s White Stoneware.

All of ABF clay bodies are manufactured at the Clay Business. We pug and de-air our clays to offer our customers the highest quality clay that is ready immediatey upon opening. Each box contains 50 lbs. of prepared clay which, for easier handling, is split into two cubes.

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   1-9 box(es)    $27.10
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   40+ boxes    $21.65