LM-20 Blue Iris (cone 05) Glaze Pint (Out of Stock)




Product Description

All colors in the Matt Series are LEAD FREE and AP Non-Toxic. Cone 05. The AMACO® Matt (LM) Glaze Series is one of the most pleasing for decorative art pottery and tile. These glazes provide a smooth, satin finish which is suitable for glazing pottery shapes formed from all AMACO® dry or moist firing clays. Because AMACO® LM Matt Glazes are nonflowing, they are adaptable for some unique types of decoration. AMACO® LM Matt Glazes are supplied in liquid, ready-to-use form, in pint jars. Brushing, pouring, dipping, and spraying are all suitable methods of application. Recommended firing temperature for these glazes is Cone 05 (1911°F, 1044°C). These glazes must be applied on a mature Cone 04 (1971°F, 1077°C) bisque. Slow firing is recommended.