Gold Rush



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Product Description


  • Interesting and exceptionally beautiful effects
  • Combines gloss and matt textures of varying color all in a single glaze
  • Slower cooling can promote the development of more crystal formations, but be careful, this may also cause the glaze to run if applied heavily.

Art glazes (430-444) are sensitive to:

  • Firing Speed – Different results can be achieved by: firing the kiln faster or slower, holding at temperature. We recommend a medium firing speed (4-6 hours) with no hold time.
  • Clay Body – Dramatically different results can appear by applying art glazes to different color clay bodies: Whiter bodies will result in brighter colors, darker or red clays can alter the colors dramatically.
  • Glaze Thickness – Art glazes are sensitive to the number of coats applied:
         1 coat may develop no significant patterning
         2 coats will develop slight patterning
         3 coats develop the BEST patterning
         4 or more coats will have a tendency to run