ABF Stoneware (Dry)



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Product Description

*ABF Stoneware Dry comes in 50 lbs. dry bags* Click here for ABF Stoneware as pugged clay.

We recommend that you add approximately 10 lbs water to the dry mixture, thoroughly mix and then vacuum-pug the mixture for workable clay.


  • Medium-tooth cone 10 brown stoneware
  • Throwing and hand-building clay
  • Excellent for beginners
  • 5% grog
  • At cone 10 (oxidation): 15% shrinkage, 1% absorption
  • 50 lbs. dry clay

ABF Stoneware is a medium-tooth cone 10 brown stoneware that is good for both hand-building and throwing. Its versatility makes it good for beginners as well as advanced ceramic artists. It contains 5% grog and when fired in oxidation to cone 10 it has a shrinkage of 15% and absorption of <1%.

Consider ABF Stoneware if you like McKenzie’s StonewareABF Oxidation Stoneware or Wally’s Blush Stoneware.

All of ABF clay bodies are manufactured at the Clay Business. 50 lbs. dry bag.

Click for high-fire clay bodies.

Price per bag when you buy:

   1-9 bag(s)    $29.00
   10-19 bags    $26.40
   20-39 bags    $24.00
   40+ bags    $22.25