Wally’s Blush Stoneware (Dry)



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Product Description

*Wally’s Blush Stoneware Dry comes in 50 lbs. dry bags* Click here for Wally’s Blush Stoneware as pugged clay.

We recommend that you add approximately 10 lbs water to the dry mixture, thoroughly mix and then vacuum-pug the mixture for workable clay.


  • Medium-tooth cone 6 brown stoneware
  • Flashes in atmospheric firings
  • Excellent throwing and hand-building clay
  • Recommended for beginners
  • 1.5% sand
  • At cone 6 (oxidation): 14% shrinkage, <1% absorption
  • 50 lbs. dry clay

Wally’s Blush Stoneware is a cone 6 brown stoneware offering a medium-tooth clay that is good for both hand-building and throwing. Its versatility makes it good for beginners as well as advanced ceramic artists. Although we offer Wally’s Blush as a cone 6 clay body, artists enjoy the flashing results from firing it in a cone 10 wood-kiln. When fired in oxidation to cone 6 it has a shrinkage of 14% and absorption of <1%.

Consider Wally’s Blush Stoneware if you like ABF Oxidation Stoneware, A-Clay White Stoneware, or M-390 Red Stoneware.

All of ABF clay bodies are manufactured at the Clay Business. 50 lbs. dry bag.

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