Bray Jewelry Box



Mason Stain Weight

Product Description


Contents of the Jewelry Box

– 1 pound of cone 6 Plainsman Polar Ice porcelain

– (3) 10 gram bags of Mason® Stain

– 6 feet of 24 gauge Kanthal wire

– Needle tool

– Scalpel

– Small rolling pin

– One pair of nitrile gloves



The Jewelry Box contains 1 pound of Polar Ice which is a midrange (cone 5 to 6) porcelain made by Plainsman Clays. We chose this clay because it is the whitest and most translucent midrange porcelain available. The Kanthal wire included in the box can be inserted directly into the clay to use to create decorative elements and loops for the pieces to hang from, and is safe to fire in the kiln.

The Mason® Stains included in the boxes are all rated for body staining, meaning that they can be mixed directly into the clay to create colored porcelain. The example tiles shown have a potency of 5% stain mixed into Polar Ice, however they can be mixed with more or less stain depending on the desired potency. You can also use the stains in slips for decorating or use them in a glaze as a colorant. If you plan to use these stains in a glaze we recommend checking to make sure that the color you are using is right for your glaze as they all have different requirements. Also, keep in mind that the color will likely vary depending on the situation that it is used in.


We hope you have fun experimenting with something a little different. To see some examples of jewelry that our past and present resident artist have made visit