ABF Casting Slip (Dry) ( cone 06-04)




Product Description


  • Cone 06-04 low-fire dry casting slip
  • Fires white at cone 04
  • Prepares (2) 5 gallon buckets of slip
  • Just add water and deflocculant

ABF Casting Slip is a cone 06-04 low-fire dry casting slip which, when fired in an electric kiln to cone 04, results in a nice whiteware. Needs to be deflocculated when mixed with water.

One 50 lbs. bag prepares (2) 5 gallon buckets of slip. To prepare casting slip we recommend the following recipe:

  • In (1) 5 gallon bucket, add 2.5 gallons of water, 15 grams of soda ash and 2 fluid ounces of sodium silicate. These are minimum requirements. You may need to add more to achieve the optimal viscosity.
  • Add 25 lbs. or half of a bag of ABF Casting Slip to above water mixture.
  • For best results, blunge or mix for at least an hour although some artists will mix 12-24 hours. This helps to remove air bubbles and to blend the sodium silicate and soda ash with the clay for proper decflocculation.
  • With a hydrometer, measure specific gravity after mixing. We recommend a specific gravity of 1.75. Adjust with water or sodium silicate to thin or deflocculate more. 

To combine casts from ABF Casting Slip with thrown or hand-built pieces made from Eric’s White Earthenware or Sculpture Low-fire

All of ABF clay bodies are manufactured at the Clay Business. 50 lbs. dry bag.

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   1-9 bag(s)    $27.30
   10-19 bags    $25.75
   20-39 bags    $24.70
   40+ bags    $23.65